Due to the renovation work, the Fukuoka Art Museum is closed now.
It will be reopened on March 21 , 2019.
Reception Restroom Water Fountain
You are free to peruse art books or latest art magazines. A special corner is set up to introduce publications related to special temporary exhibitions.

Various lecture programs are held related to art and exhibitions.
Various lectures and classes are held related to art and exhibitions. Equipped with facilities for print-making, they are used for various workshops organized by the museum and other creative activities for the citizens.
Exhibitions are held under a certain theme based on the content of pre-modern artworks both from Japan and other oriental countries. They center around craftworks, paintings and calligraphies owned by the Kuroda family, the feudal lord of the old Chikuzen and Fukuoka Clan, and donated collections of Moriyama, Ishimura, Miyake, Honda, Kusuma, Morita and Kawamura.
Exhibited in this room are objects for tea ceremony from the Matsunaga collection donated by the Matsunaga Memorial Hall Foundation founded in Odawara City which formerly used to house the collection of Matsunaga Yasuzaemon(pseudonym Jian), a businessman and a votary of tea ceremony. Displays are regularly changed to show the collection which includes 20 works of Important Cultural Property and 10 works of Important Artwork such as Nonomura Ninnsei's "Tea Leaf Jar with Design of Mt. Yoshino" and Ogata Kenzan's "Autumn Flowerbaskets".
The gallery displays Buddhist sculptures and drawings donated by Yakuomitsuji Tokoin Temple located at Yoshizuka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, a family temple of the Kuroda family, the feudal lord of the Fukuoka Clan. The display includes 6 works, 25 pieces of Important Cultural Property such as Standing Yakushi-nyorai(11th-12th century) and Twelve Generals Attending to Yakushi-nyorai(10th-12th century) of the Fujiwara Period and Standing Amida-nyorai(13th century) of the Kamakura Period.