Due to the renovation work, the Fukuoka Art Museum is closed now.
It will be reopened on March 21 , 2019.

15 min. from Station, 10 min. from Station, 5 min. from Station. Get off at Station, it is10 min. walk from No.3 exit.
8 min. from Station. Get off at Station, 10 min. walk from No.2 exit.

From Hakata Station:
From Hakata Bus Terminal: Take bus No.13, get off at Bus Stop-3min. walk. Take Nos.12,113,114,200-204,208, get off at -5min. walk.
From Tenjin:
Fukuoka Bldg/Kyowa Bldg Mae: Take bus Nos.13,140, get off at Bus Stop-3min. walk. Take No. 12, get off at Akasaka San-chome Bus Stop-5 min. walk.
Tenjin Core Mae: Take bus Nos.7,200,201,203-206,208, get off at Bus Stop-5min. walk.
Kego Jinja/Mitsukoshi Mae: Take bus Nos.6,7,113,114,200?206, 208. Get off at Bus Stop- 5min. walk.

Get off at Urban Expressway (possible only for those going towards Karatsu), 5 min. drive to the south, or get off at (possible to get off for those driving either eastwards or westwards), 10 min. drive to the southeast.
*Please click the gDetailed Maph for parking.

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