Due to the renovation work, the Fukuoka Art Museum is closed now.
It will be reopened on March 21 , 2019.

Address 1-6 Ohori-Koen Park, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi 810-0051 Japan
Phone 092-714-6051

Open hours

9:30-17:30(entry by 17:00)
July and August until 19:30(entry by 19:00) except for Sundays and holidays

Closed days

Every Monday (except for Mondays which fall on a holiday, when the first following weekday will be closed)
New Year's Holidays:December 28-January 4


Permanent exhibition:
Adults: 200yen(150yen),
High school and college students: 150yen(100yen),
Elementary and junior high school: students free of charge
*Admission fee in ( ) is for groups of people of 20 or more.
*The following people are admission free by presenting the following ID, Pass, or Proof.
Public Health Welfare ID
Physically Disabled ID
Rehabilitation ID for Mentally Disabled
(plus one medical helper is permitted for the above)
Proof of Medical Recipient for Specified Diseases, Congenial Blood Coagulation Genetic Disability and Specific Chronic Childhood Diseases
For those 65 years of age and above living in Fukuoka City, Kita-Kyushu City, Kumamoto City and Kagoshima City admission is free on presentation of an ID to confirm age and residence.

Special Exhibit:
The admission varies for each exhibition. Please make an inquiry to the museum accordingly.

We offer gallery tours conducted by our volunteers at the permanent galleries.
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Please refrain from eating and drinking in the museum. You are requested to use the restaurant.
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The museum parking lot accommodates 20 cars. Pay parking areas are found around the museum.
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For those who are in need of wheel chairs
Wheelchairs are available free of charge. If you wish to use one, please ask at the reception counters.
There are parking spaces available for the disabled in front of the first floor main entrance. Please ask a security guard at the entrance for assistance.
Please enter from the slope located at the first floor entrance. At the second floor entrance, there is a slope located next to the stairs on the park side.
There are toilets for wheelchairs available far to the left after entering the first floor entrance, as well as ones behind the reception counter on the second floor.
There is an elevator available far to the left after entering the first floor entrance, as well as one next to the restaurant on the second floor.

For those who are accompanying children
Baby Cart:
Baby carts are available free of charge. Please ask at the reception counters.
Diaper Changing:
There are beds and a stand for diaper change in the Ladies & Men's rooms on the first floor and Ladies room on the second floor behind the reception desk and the Nursery (limited to female) in the Kids Corner.
Nursing Site:
Nursery is located in the Kids Corner on the second floor.