Due to the renovation work, the Fukuoka Art Museum is closed now.
It will be reopened on March 21 , 2019.

Photo: TOMINAGA Akiko
There is the gKids Cornerh in the lobby on the second floor where you can relax with your children and can peruse picture books too. This corner was created by the artist Ms. OHGI Knae (residing in Kurume City) who is active in Fukuoka . gForest, Waterfront and Skyh can be felt by this corner space that is quite appropriate for Ohori Park .
The forest scenery developed on the wall is depicted by cushions with adhesive plastic tape attached that can be put on and take off, so children can play with these interchangeable cushions freely. A table and chairs that remind you of clouds, colorful sofas, and Tatami mats are placed. The nursery is also set up in the Kids Corner.
Please enjoy the museum at your own pace while relaxing and taking a break.

Useable Hours:
9:30-19:30 for the months of July and August(17:30 for Sunday and Holiday)
gPut Everything Back Timeh is allocated 30 minutes prior to closing.

How to use this facility:
E It is not a day care center space. Please use it under a guardian's supervision.
E Please constrain from drinking and eating.
E The use of the nursery is limited to female guardians only.
E You can take commemorative photos in the Kids Corner.

Café Terrace Nakamura
A restaurant in the museum with the best view. You can enjoy your meal overlooking Ohori Koen Park. Its menu covers various drinks and snacks, set courses and even alcoholic beverages. Feel free to drop by during your visit to the museum.

It is located in the lobby on the 2nd floor, with a wide range of books related to art. You can find general art books on painting, sculpture, calligraphy, ceramics, design, photography as well as art magazines, exhibition catalogs and gorgeous art books. Post cards, reproductions, art goods and accessories are also sold. Although small in size, it is filled with books and goods that are sure to tickle your curiosity.
Catalogs of exhibitions held in the past at the museum are also sold here, if they are in stock.
How to get
Located on the 1st floor, it offers a highly comfortable space for your reading enjoyment with a wonderful view of the greenery you can see from the large windows.
It has a collection of approximately 2,600 books including complete series of art books, exhibition catalogs and art books for children as well as 30 art magazines both domestic and foreign. You are free to enjoy any book in this open-stack library. Also videos and laser discs on art are available.
Hoping to assist you in deepening your knowledge and understanding of art, we regularly feature books under a certain topic on art.
In this manner, you can thoroughly enjoy reading a wide variety of books on art as well as enjoying exhibitions in the galleries. No place but a reading room in a museum can offer such an environment and enjoyment.
We welcome your visit.
+ We do not lend books in the reading room. It is for reading only.